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Full Face
Shield Visors

Face Shield Visors provide an effective method to protect the user from airborne droplets, fluid splashes and allow those that need to, to work closer than the recommended safe distance. Visors provide protection for the eyes and mouth and have been proven to reduce the amount of times the user touches their face which has been seen to reduce the risk of infection.

Fast Delivery – 48 hrs

Made in Northern Ireland


Main Features

CE Certified

A CE certified product, manufactured in Northern Ireland, complies with BS EN166 & EU 2016/425

Foam Forehead Band

The foam forehead band is an important component within a face shield visor as this ensures a sealed fit against the forehead to block airborne aerosols from entering from the top of the visor and provides maximum comfort for the user.

One Size Fits All Elastic

A non-latex elastic headband attached with safety rivets provides a one size fits all comfortable fit that doesn’t catch in the users hair.


Prescription/safety glasses and face-mask can be worn under the Visor. The face shield visor is compatible with face recognition software. The visor screen is washable.

Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear

  • Optically clear 350 micron visor
  • Safety rivets allow headband to release in the event of being snagged
  • Provides a high level of protection from fluid droplets or spray mist.
  • Elastic headband provides a comfortable fit without catching the users hair
  • Lightweight and wipeable visor
  • Cost efficient and disposable, recyclable PET visor
  • No hazardous metal fixings or components
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